Turkish has approximately 61,000 speakers worldwide, 90% of which are in Turkey, and the rest spread over some 35 countries including Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Macedonia, Romania and Uzbekistan. Turkish is part of the Turkish family of languages, which includes Gagauz, and Khorasani and Osmanli Turkish. The Turkish family is a subgroup of the Oghuz languages, which are themselves a subgroup of the Turkic languages.

TURKISH ACADEMIA 1st week 2nd week 3rd week 4th week 8th week 12th week 16th week School Regist. Fee Accomadation per month Accomadation per month + lunch Airport Transfer one way
180 € 340 € 480 € 560 € 960 € 1.200 € 1.600 € 40 € 200 € 280 € 75 €
2010 Promotions

  2 weeks promotion for 16th week education / For 4 weeks and more education, free social activities

The fees shown above are calculated in euro currency as 2.20 Turkish Liras. We are not responsible for the fee changes during the registration date for accomadation fee, please contact with us for further information.